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About the Company

AmeriLife Mid-Atlantic is a National Insurance Marketing Organization in Life, Health and Annuities. They provide national carriers contract to agents, agencies and other marketing organizations. They are committed to fostering relationships with individuals and entities that aspire to grow and improve the lives of those in their community. For them, partnerships are strongest when each partner plays to their strengths and together they create synergy. They have systems, resources and carriers that can complement and insurance professionals business like recruiting, lead generation or creating efficiencies in their client’s business.

Pain Points

Taokym As A Solution

AmeriLife Mid-Atlantic staffs a full-time marketing team. Marketing in the insurance industry is a painstaking process and has traditionally required cold-calling or networking.
Caused attrition in the marketing role and difficulty growing the business once contact lists dissipate.
New marketers were neophytes to the industry and this led to long ramp-ups and low ROI in the first four years of a marketer’s career.
AmeriLife Mid-Atlantic wanted to attract insurance professionals with 3 or more years of experience and needed a way to eliminate cold-calling from the role and supercharge activity for the marketer.

Taokym As A Solution

Taokym Business Solutions provided virtual assistants (VA) to initially contact licensed agents in the marketer’s region, present the value proposition and pre-set appointments directly to the marketer’s calendar. The campaign grew to include confirmation calls, and additional sales funnel stage meetings to include contracting and activation appointments. Taokym uses its own CRM and telephony that the marketers interface with to continue to drive the pipeline. Today the campaign includes a LinkedIn marketing campaign and warm transfers too.


Appointment set

New Life Marketer 2021

New Life Marketer 2022

Approximately 95% of initial marketer appointments are set by a VA. Every marketer that had the tenure to qualify for the 2022 national kick-off meeting qualified. The most senior marketer was the #1 New Life Marketer in 2021 and the #2 Life Marketer in the next senior cohort in 2022. Most of his competition has 24 – 48 months more experience. The second most senior marketer is competing for the #1 New Life Marketer in 2022. On average the marketers convert to profitability in half the time of their peers without a VA.
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