How to Prepare for AEP 2023

The Annual Election Period or Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)  is the most stressful and busiest time of the year for most Medicare agents. You are managing your time to maintain a work-life balance while trying to service your entire book of business in less than eight weeks. As soon as this period is over, the groundwork is laid immediately for the next AEP season. Do not worry! We will help you with the routine work and  provide a few extra tips for preparing to sell during the post-COVID AEP season.

Why is planning for the AEP important?

The AEP is a crucial season for both consumers and health care organisations. Though the season is brief,the decisions taken during this time are final.

Many consumers have the opportunity to adjust their health insurance plans during the AEP. Adjusting a health care plan is difficult because of the strict requirements regarding qualification for the Special Enrollment Period. During this period, sales representatives can make or break an organisation. Therefore, they need to spend time practising their tailored pitches to consumers. 

In fact, organisations should prepare months in advance for the AEP. They need to complete all work that can be done ahead of time,in order to dedicate adequate time to improving their sales pitch. Subsequently, the AEP season can be focused on the pitch and book sales. 

Here are some tips for automating your tasks and ensuring that you serve all your clients during the enrollment season. 

1. Personalise your approach

If you have a smaller book of business, an intimate approach is appropriate. A few hundred clients is a manageable number; you can send them postcards, or connect with them personally or through an assistant. Let them know that you remember them and tell them that you can reevaluate their plans. 

2. Start communicating in September

You can use the last half of September and the beginning of October to communicate with your clients. Encourage them to create a account if they have not done so already, as this will facilitate quick drug comparisons. Having the name of their current drug plan and medication list (available in their MyMedicare account) increases our efficiency tenfold. Furthermore, getting a head start in September will lighten the workload. October and November are going to be extremely busy months.

3. Hire seasonal help

You can hire an assistant to run drug comparisons, manage the phones, or schedule appointments. We call them virtual recruiting assistants (VRAs). Taokym will also provide you with a team of experts including a campaign manager, training specialist, and quality analyst. 

The help of these experts is critical during the AEP because they perform many of the effort-intensive tasks related to Part D comparisons. They will call clients and gather the information needed to run a drug comparison. We train them to run the drug comparison on

If you are AHIP-certified and are planning on earning commissions for Part D, a VRA can book an appointment with you so that you can share the drug comparison results. Whether they are staying on a current plan or moving forward with a new enrollment, you can assist them going forward.

If you are interested in hiring assistants, please book an appointment with our campaign manager, Sarah Grace:

4. Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

A CRM is helpful for hiring a VRA. We personally use Nextiva CRM. A CRM makes it easy to access information about your leads. 

5. Consider using a Voice Recording

Having a systematic approach for communicating with clients is important. Many agents send out a letter, but another option to consider is a voice recording.

6. Online Scheduling System

Consider giving your clients the option of scheduling their appointments with you online. Our VRAs can call your leads and book your appointments on your calendar.  

You can integrate the online scheduling system with your calendar to ensure your availability at the listed times. This service can save you a great deal of time and make it easier for clients to schedule appointments.There are many business communication platforms out there, but we use Calendly

7. Use Pre-created Marketing Materials

We encourage you to take advantage of our system. We have call scripts, and we can create AEP marketing materials (cross-checked for compliance) for you to use in your social media posts and email templates. 

 Taokym Business Solutions does not practice law and is not providing legal advice in this white paper.  Please consult your attorney for legal advice.

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