Call Center Converts more sales and lowers CPA to $110

About the Company

The call center specializes in selling Medicare products like Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, Part D plans to the senior and the Medicare-eligible community. Their employees are committed to growing their business without losing sight of serving the customer. Their agents throughout the nation are licensed to sell products from multiple carriers, so they are unbiased. The agents are dedicated to finding the best plan that fits their client’s needs.

Pain Points

Taokym As A Solution

There were several pain points.

The organization struggled with balancing lead volume. There needed to be enough opportunities to keep the team active, but not saturate the system and increase cost per acquisition (CPA).

Providing opportunities that were correctly qualified.

Making all this happen at a profitable cost per acquisition.

Taokym As A Solution

  1. The Virtual Assistants (VA) qualified appointments or transfers while the sales agents closed deals. Consistent appointments provided the sales team the ability to spend more time speaking with clients versus filtering data.
  1. The VAs provided the sales team with an appropriate volume of leads to keep the staff active.
  1. When the agents were on active sales calls the VAs book appointments at scheduled times directly to the sales team’s calendar.
  1. The cost per acquisition were profitable.
  1. Taokym also managed their own team and production expectations, so the call center could focus on sales and sales management.


Reduced CPA

Increased Sales

The 2021 AEP season had a CPA as high as $150. The approximate CPA for the first 6 weeks of 2022 was $125. This client increased sales year over year and reduced their CPA, because Taokym was an extension of their sales team at an affordable price.

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