Company's Sales Increased by 40%

About the Company

Founded in 2014, the independent insurance agency is licensed to enroll individuals in Medicare products over the phone. Those products include Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans.

Pain Points

Taokym As A Solution

Labor and Cost

a. Recruiting, housing, managing, training, and replacing resources to take calls is costly and time consuming.
b. Seasonal work causes layoffs after the season ends that could lead to disgruntled employees or contractors.

Pre-AEP, October 1st – October 15th

a. Licensed agents are inundated with calls about their plans but can’t sell so they book callbacks on or after October 15th, when they can sell.

AEP, October 15- Dec 7,

a. Licensed agents have totally full calendars from Pre-AEP and do not have the time to answer the additional inbound calls.
b. It’s difficult to profitably scale licensed agents to take the inbound calls and pre-qualify the callers.

Taokym As A Solution

  1. Taokym recruited, trained, housed, and managed the resources to pre-qualify, transfer or book appointments for one cost effective hourly rate.
a.“I expected the training for a month, but Taokym did it in two weeks.” CEO, Co-Owner.
  1. Taokym qualified the leads based on the client’s requirements.
a. This includes transferring more advanced topics that require licensed agents to answer questions.
  1. Taokym’s burdened labor (all-in) rate still created a savings when compared to the center’s unburdened (hourly) labor rate. This made for a very profitable campaign.
a. Burdened labor rate is the hourly rate plus those expenses directly related to maintaining a resource or employee.
b. Unburdened labor rate is the raw hourly rate.


We reduce cost at least 40% for pre-qualification and appointment setting.
Sales agents had more time to sell.
Center Management had more time to manage the center and sales performance.
Attrition of pre-qualification agents was not a burden.
Seasonal employment issues were mitigated.
The client increased their sales by 43% versus 2020 AEP.
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