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Outsourcing Outbound Calling Campaigns

Outsourcing outbound calling campaigns is a great concept. It requires research to make the best choice for your ideal outsourcing partner. The company that will make your outbound calls is an extension of your business and must be professional, efficient, and cost effective. Ultimately the goal is to reduce cost, increase activity and drive revenue.

Here are some key features of outsourcing your campaign and minimizing your cost:

1. Quantity and Compliance

An outbound call strategy should find the delicate balance between the volume of calls and the final successful disposition.  Every campaign has specific details and the source of the lead often determine the correct path.  Client data is treated differently than 30 day aged digital leads.  Responders older than 90 days are treated differently than those under 90 days.  Cold call lists have their own rules.  Depending on the originating source Registration with TCPA may or may not be required.  The type of business the transfers or appointments can also change the call cadence, qualifying questions, and script.  Transfers for business acquisitions are treated differently than a pre-set appointment for life insurance plan.  Additionally the quantity of leads at your disposal may change the volume of calls to your list.

2. Reducing Expenses

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing outbound calling campaigns is lowering operating costs without sacrificing quality while driving activity at the top end of your sales funnel. Every day, organizations strive to develop new ways to boost revenues while lowering costs and maintaining quality control.  Partnering with a BPO company may provide staff at rates well below the your local living wage.   

3. Experienced Staff

A major benefit of using a BPO company for your outbound campaign is the experience and capabilities they’ve developed over the years.  They are professionals at the top end of the sales funnel, so even though expenses are reduced, the task they perform should result in more activity.  Their job is the activity and initial prospect or client interactions that lead to warm transfers or calendared appointments.   The company’s managers, trainers and quality assurance personnel may have years of experience at their roles and oversee your campaign and provide the necessary culture to scale.

4. Team and Focus

The right BPO company will have a team to work your campaign. That team will focus on your campaign hourly ensuring quality and provide a real-time channel of communication with your internal team. This will provide transparency and a feedback loop. The BPO will provide daily reporting to guide your campaign as well as business decisions for the top end of your sales funnel. Weekly it will meet with you or your internal team to review results and make the necessary adjustments. The partner drives the top end of your sales funnel and ensures it working correctly.

5. Tried and True Processes

Reliable BPO companies have a set of processes to include quality assurance, training, reporting, oversight, partnership meetings and accountability. They run multiple campaigns and have years of experience that you leverage through the partnership.  Just as your business has its trade secrets, the BPO companies have theirs.  They may have templated scripts, best practices and objections to guide you as you build your campaign. 

6. You Have More Time for Critical Activities

Outsourcing your company’s calling campaign or administrative tasks creates more revenue generating activities and provides your sales team more time to complete those tasks.  The BPO handles the initial contact and warm transfers or sets appointments on your sales representative’s calendar.  They focus on being experts at doing that one thing.  Your sales representatives close business and focus on that one task.

7. Technology

BPO companies make a living connecting with prospects and clients.  They have years of experience with various technologies and have found the best tech stack at the best price.  You leverage the tech stack and experience with one low price.

At Taokym Business Solutions, we have a team with a strong work ethic, training, a proven strategy, and technology stack.  Our clients see lower CPAs and increased profitability.  We partner with them to scale their operations, because as they grow, Taokym Business grows. To learn more about us, you can contact us through

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